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The Web 2.0 Summit had an awful lot of content that didn’t really have much to do with … well … the Web. Besides the whole 700mhz spectrum issue, there was an awful lot of empasis on green tech. Now …

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I started the week with Mobile 2.0. Rudy De Waele and Mike Rowehl posted great summaries of that event with lots of links to coverage all over the Web which I won’t replicate here. Suffice to say: it was a …

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I can’t believe it was almost a year ago that we ran the first Mobile 2.0 event. Mobile 2.0 was originally conceived last year as a meet-up for the mobilly minded ahead of the Web 2.0 Summit. It quickly turned …

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The Mobile Discussion Originally uploaded by R.J. Friedlander. While I’m posting images from San Francisco week, here’s me at the Web 2.0 panel (“The Mobile Discussion”) with Om Malik and Ansi Vanjoki from Nokia. I’m saying “this is the future …

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