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So the UK government seems to have launched a new public awareness campaign dubbed #cyberstreetwise  (evidenced by posters in the Tube I spotted this weekend). The campaign’s web site is : https://www.cyberstreetwise.com. Bonus points for a https URL. Negative points for …

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According to The Verge, the “Anonabox” Kickstarter is Trying to be a One-Stop-Shop for Internet Privacy. So the hacker in me loves the idea of this, but actually I think it’s probably over-kill (and an over-promise) for most people’s web …

“Anonabox”: One-Stop-Shop for Internet Privacy? Read More »

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This was originally posted to Facebook – now I am posting a summary post here, as it relates to a previous post I’ve made on this same issue on the G+ service (“Shared Endoresements”): As reported in the NYT over …

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So – The first thing I did this morning on reading this New York Times article on Google’s new plan to use users’ data (+1s, etc…) on their own ads  was hunt around for how to opt out, which I …

NYT: Google to Sell Users’ Endorsements Read More »

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Photo credit: Rob Pongsajapan. Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Lift conference and helping to run a workshop on user privacy. This was a workshop with a difference. My colleague Franco Papeschi came up with the idea …

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