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Betavine (Vodafone R&D’s developer community portal), with some help from the inimitable folks at Carsonified, have laucnhed a new blog dedicated to Mobile Widgets and Web Apps.  The idea is to get as much information out as possible about what …

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Carsonified built a great micro-site around their Twiggy Twitter search widget. The site also includes lots good information about mobile widget development including a step-by-step guide on the development process. Check it out (and learn how to win £20,000 in …

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I’m here at SXSW in Austin this week-end working on getting the word out on mobile widgets and mobile Web and talking about mobile web in the developing world on a panel on Tuesday. Meanwhile I’m using Qik to cover …

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I posted a brief review of Jaiku’s mobile site at Mobile Web Review. Hop over to Betavine to check it out.

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I have started a new blog, “Mobile Web Review,” where I’ll be reviewing mobile Web sites. My first victim is FlickR mobile. For what I had to say, go on over to Mobile Web review, hosted on Vodafone Betavine. Also, …

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One of the most exciting projects I’ve been involved with this year has been the launch of Vodafone Betavine. Betavine is a collaborative portal for the developer community focusing on mobile and communications apps. Although mobile operators have launched developer …

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I’m off to Austin Texas tomorrow for the South by Southwest Interactive festival next week. Good to see that the South by Southwest organizers put together a mobile friendly site at sxsw.mobi, but it’s pretty bare. I’m starting to get …

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Today we launched something that we’ve been working on for a while here at Vodafone. It’s a developer community portal called “Vodafone Betavine.” The idea of the site is to be a resource to the developer community, especially individual or …

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