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I just spoke at Mobile Internet World here in Boston (as part of the W3C Mobile Web Standards track). Being part of this event brought me back to the first “Internet World” conference I ever attended in, wait for it, …

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A week ago when I was in San Francisco, I picked up an iPhone, with the intention of unlocking it when I got back to the UK. When the software update came out (and the iBricking started), however, I decided …

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From this picture, the turn-out for my talk might look pretty small. And it was. But I was actually impressed that this many people managed to find the room which was tucked up away from the main conference. In general, …

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“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.” Well, thumb-surfers the world over took a step closer to being able to experience rich Mobile Web applications last week with the release of the Web Integration Compound Document …

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[ad] James Pearce (CTO of dotMobi) wrote a great article yesterday about the impact of the iPhone on the industry and what it means for them. Of course, he’s right. What the iPhone is doing is helping the Web along …

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I posted a brief review of Jaiku’s mobile site at Mobile Web Review. Hop over to Betavine to check it out.

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Why not? I live in Europe so I don’t have access to any iPhones today but here are my €.02 for what it’s worth: The iPhone is already catalyzing a sea-change in the mobile industry. This change is primarily about …

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I have started a new blog, “Mobile Web Review,” where I’ll be reviewing mobile Web sites. My first victim is FlickR mobile. For what I had to say, go on over to Mobile Web review, hosted on Vodafone Betavine. Also, …

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Whether we like it or not, touch-screen phones are on the way in. Apple iPhone has made sure of that. There were some out there in the market already but by far the one that’s gotten the most press has …

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Apart from MobEA V (and meeting Dick Hardt — my quote: “Hey. You’re famous!”), the other highlight of the event for me was the panel I got to chair on Mobile Ajax. Now — this is an interesting topic, and …

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