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GoGo MoMo

Mobile Monday is really hitting its stride. We held our 8th event last night and the turn-out was good (we filled the space), the speakers were fantastic, the demos were… interesting, and the “vibe” during the reception was great. We

Comeks on your Phone and Global Peers

Using Comeks, in 5 minutes I was able to author this on a Nokia N70, including image manipulation, based on a picture that was already there in memory. That’s no mean feat for an application that runs on a phone

Coolest Thing at Mobile Monday Global Summit

This is absolutely the coolest thing I’ve seen today at Mobile Monday Global Summut. It’s a mobile comics creator that lets you take a picture with your phone and then turn it into a comic strip by coloring, pasting in

Mobile Buzz Central

Today, mobile buzz central is in Helsinki, Finland, where Mobile Monday Global Summit is including full swing. There is a real energy in the air here. People from around the world have come together to celebrate mobility and to celebrate

Mobile Monday Notes

So last week’s Mobile Monday was interesting on a number of fronts. First off, I know now how not to do an interactive panel discussion. Having audience members SMS key words of phrases that then appeared behind the speakers was

Off to Barcelona

Well I’m off to Barcelona for 3GSM on Monday! I’m going to be promoting the W3C Mobile Web Initiative, participating in a few meetings, and generally checking out the place. I’m also going to be part of an informal global

Mobile Monday Tops 600!

We have over 600 people signed up to the Mobile Monday London mailing list and we will be very close to the 200 mark for attendees at our next event. Unbelievable!

Mobile Monday London Lives!

Well they said it couldn’t be done, but we’ve managed to organize a follow-up to the immensely successful first Mobile Monday London event we held last month. This one will be on December 5th in Soho — details here. I


I am frankly in shock at how many people have responded to my call for participation in Mobile Monday London. Less than a month since I sent out some initial emails and we now have 300+ people on the mailing

Mobile Monday London (redux)

Wow! I think I tapped some kind of latent market demand, because Mobile Monday London looks like it’s really set to take off. So far 61 people have expressed interest in the event and joined the Yahoo group we are