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Mobile Content Creation

So, the million-dollar question in this migration to WordPress has been: will this enable me full mobile-Web-base administration and content creation? Well – here I am, using the native browser on the Blackberry 8700 and I’m happy to report the

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mobile2.0 Event: The World Reacts

We have had some great coverage of the mobile2.0 event appear in the blogosphere and the press. Here are four particularly good and detailed run-downs of the day: (in Spanish) I was particularly impressed with the

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WordPress Has Landed

Well — I’m off Blogger and on to WordPress. The whole process was surprisingly simple. I’ve been wringing my hands about doing this for months now thanks to the WordPress migration tools, the whole thing was virtually painless. I feel

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The Big Import

I am in the process of bringing this blog over from Blogger to WordPress. In the process, I am learning all about WordPress and the wonderful plug-in (modified by Mike Rowehl) which creates mobile-friendly pages. During this transitionary phase, some

Mobile Web Kerfuffle

It’s been an exciting week in the blogosphere for the Mobile Web. First Barbara Ballard posts part 1 of an article on “What’s Wrong with the Mobile Web.” This is followed up on by both Andrea Trassati and Mike Rowehl

Blog Musings

While at the MoMo Global Summit some people I had never met told me that they read my blog. This was a bit of a shock to me. But it got me thinking – I really need to spruce up

Blogging from a Widget

This is cool — a blogger widget. How “Web 2.0” is that? Very. If only there were a “mashup” involved in some way…

Serious about the Mobile Web

I suppose if I were really serious about the “Mobile Web,” I would start by making this site mobile friendly. Unfortunately, I tried to access it with my lovely new Sony Ericsson V800 and found it completely mobile non-friendly. I


Yes! This blog is now XHTML and CSS compliant. I find it doubly ironic that in order to do what I wanted to do (align images to the right in the posts) in this new “easier” way to publish on

Accessibility Schaccessibility

So I’m fiddling around with the Blogger template, adding links and such, and I think to myself: “I wonder if this thing produces HTML that is at all accessible?” (As in conforms to the W3C’s accessibility guidelines.) So I test