How Did We Get Here?

How did it happen that Europe is looking on longingly as 700,000 U.S. consumers are experiencing the mobile technology equivalent of sliced bread? Only one week ago, we were hearing about how Apple’s unreasonable demands were making it impossible for European operators to even think about doing business with them. Now mobile operators are falling over each-other to offer iPhone exclusively in their territories. We are truly through the looking glass.

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3 comments on “How Did We Get Here?
  1. Are you hinting that Vodafone won’t cut the deal?

    I thought 3 (and X-Series) would have been a perfect match if the iPhone had been 3G. Since a 3G iPhone ain’t here… Probably Vodafone would have been the easiest deal to cover all Europe in one shot.

  2. “I can neither confirm nor deny…”

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