Brief Notes from Today

Attended a great panel chaired by Ryan Carson on the ins and outs of building successful businesses out of Web applications. Of all the Web 2.0 ringmasters, one thing you can say about Ryan is that he definitely has the coolest hat. Lots of good insights for entrepreneurs here.

The other highlight of today was Justin Oberman’s great panel on using mobile technology for activism. Good insights and great chairing from Justin, but a little too much US-centric thinking among the panelists (with the exception of Roger from Rave Wireless), especially when many of the opportunities for social impact from the mobile are to be felt in the developing world. Also: too much focus on texting.

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  1. broadstuff says:

    The Mobile Web Goes Stateside…

    Saw this on Informationweek

    Despite all the news and analysis that claims that mobile Web use is higher in Europe and Asia, a new survey claims that mobile Web penetration and use in Europe and the U.S. are on par. In fact, the survey claims that us…

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