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Brian Fling talks at SXSW on the Mobile WebWow! Just sitting here in Brian Fling’s presentation on the Mobile Web. I know Brian because he spoke at mobile2.0 last year, but I’ve never heard him speak at length on the future of the Web on mobile. Brian definitely gets it. Not only does he have at his fingertips the specifics and standards involved in developing Mobile Web content, but he deeply understands the problem space and the opportunity. It’s elating sitting here and listening to someone speak so eloquently on these topics and referencing work that I’ve been part of driving for the past three+ years (such as the Mobile Web Initiative). And judging from the rapt audience here (filling up one of the larger rooms at the conference) I think people are starting to listen!

By the way, this post was written by Opera Mini. (And then edited later on a desktop browser to add the image and clean it up. Unfortunately there’s still a limit to what you can do on the mobile side Flickr – even though their mobile site works well. It amazingly allows for photo upload from within the mobile browser but you can’t do much with the photo after that. Blogging from your photo once you’ve uploaed it would be a great feature, for instance.)

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  1. aaron shultz says:

    Really? I thought is was a very vague talk without any good concrete citations of successes.

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