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Mike and me sipping martinis

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Well, it’s a month on from the mobile2.0 event in San Francisco (only a month? It seems like ages ago) and what have we learned. The mobile2.0 meme seems to be taking hold in a fairly distributed fashion, which is good.

We’ve had good press coverage and the linkbacks keep appearing on the “what is mobile2.0” article on this blog, which I think is an encouraging sign that I was making some kind of sense. That post, by the way, was written on a Virgin Atlantic 747 on the way to San Francisco from London.

By the way, this is a picture of Mike Rowehl and myself enjoying some richly deserved gin martinis at the reception after the event. The grins on our faces say it all: “thank god it’s over!”

We’re now talking about doing another one next year around the same time (sandwiched between Web 2.0 and CTIA which returns to San Francisco next year). Please post thoughts and suggestions about format, etc… either here or on the event blog.

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3 Comments on “Mobile2.0 Memories

  1. Daniel, I really wish I could have been at the event.

    You should hold one of the next mobile 2.0 events on the east coast of the USA also. For some of us, it is harder to make it out to the west coast.

  2. Daniel, just bumped into your blog – if you are interested in Mobile 2.0 you may want to check our newly launched beta site ( – it is somewhat of an “experiment” if you will to create a community around mobile content across the web and the mobile platforms. Let me know what you think.

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